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Kat's Top Picks From Flutterbyes (July 2015)

"You know it's good if she has it..."

We asked Flutterbyes team member Kat to tell us her top three favourite Flutterbyes purchases of July and here's what she said :  

Kat's Top 3 Flutterbyes Favourites (July 2015)

Working for Flutterbyes definitely has it's perks - being surrounded by beautiful products that can turn any house into a home and being able to see them as soon as they arrive in store! 
As many of our beloved customers say to me "You must literally spend your wages in here as soon as you get them!". All I can say is, they are not far off with that comment! 

I am a sucker for anything vintage, whether it be quirky, inspirational or just too cute to pass up.

I am currently in the midst of 're-accessoring' my bedroom with more vintage based accessories, while trying to stick to my colour scheme of pink and cream! 
We have just had some brand new goodies come in and I have snapped up a few for myself!  So when I was asked to write about what I've had in my Flutterbyes bag, I was more than happy to oblige! 

  1.  Wooden Three Heart Glass T-Light Holder (£9.99)

As soon as this beautiful product hit our stores, I fell in love with it straight away. But I had a different vision for how to use this, and it wasn't for candles! I have a penchant for make-up, and I have alot of it! I was looking for a unique way to store my make up brushes, lipliners and eyeliners and well, let's just say I found it! It fitted in perfectly in my room and has kept one part of my make up collection in check! However, I have indeed tried it with t-lights and it really is a lovely & different way of displaying them. I can imagine this in the middle of a mantlepiece with or without t-lights in! Definitely a must have for anyone obsessed with candles/t-lights! This product has been very popular for birthday gifts, with some customers even buying this as a wedding present.    

   2.   "It's better to be late than to arrive ugly." Plaque (£6.99)

I had to buy this the moment I saw it - the perfect excuse to be late! The amount of times i've been late to events (not work obviously, I'm good like that!) because i've been obsessing over my make up or i've had to re do something - well now i've got a sign to back me up! And where better to put it?! Above my make-up area obviously! It's a glorious pink with white writing, which was a sign I was meant to have it! Always nice to inject a bit of humour into things. This plaque has already been a hit with our customers and I always have a giggle with those who pick it up! 

  3.  "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little bit extra" Plaque (£14.99)

This amazing sign is one of three in the speech bubble range that landed this weekend. I am very fond of quotes, and i'm even fonder when they are displayed in such a cute and quirky manner! I spent a bit of time deliberating over which one to buy, but this quote won me over. However, come payday i'll buy the other one I wanted too. I have more than enough wall space! This sign actually goes so well on my wall even with the extra orange and blue colours, and it's a lovely reminder for me to give that little bit extra in everything that I do everyday! 

Those were my top 3 Flutterbyes favourites for July - all of the above products are new and available in store and online now! I am off to buy some wall hooks to get my brand new signs up! And always remember to live, laugh and most importantly, love! 

Kat xxx

All items mentioned can be found by clicking the underlined titles or 

Thanks for reading!

Flutterbyes xx

The Flutterbyes Online Team

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