Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Interior Design Tips From Flutterbyes Experts

Living Room interior designed
by Flutterbyes design expert Charmain

With many of you asking for "Living room design ideas" & "Home Decor Ideas", we thought our Flutterbyes experts were the best people to ask.

Earlier this week we caught up with our expert in Home Design & Accessories Charmain to get her essential tips for creating the best look for your home.

Charmain said:
Don't feel the need to run with what's in fashion here and now. Always choose a theme that you like and best describes your personality. Remember you have to live with your choices  so they have to be colours you love.   
I often design a whole room around one key piece that I have fallen in love with. It could be the colour or the design of one particular item. I then build a theme around that. 
Mood boards are a really good idea, as you can try lots of different colours, textures styles etc before you actually go out and purchase, it can save pounds on un-liked items.
Accessories for me really make a room, you can inject your personality into any room and really make it unique with the correct "nick-nacks". 
 Always display cushions in odd numbers, its creates a more stylish look. 
As I am a mum first and a business woman second, I treasure (as all parents do) family photographs, so I proudly show off my favourite images. They look fab displayed on a reclaimed cabinet. I mix up the styles of photo frames to create depth and interest. It's my focal point, and my guests always head to that part of the room first.

We hope this post is helpful in your search for beautiful homes and you can also check out Flutterbyes.co.uk for home accessories (Photo Frames, Cushions etc) mentioned above.

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